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The biodiversity emergency

Nature restores, but is itself in need of restoration. Due to our constant commodification of the natural world we are erasing huge chunks of its awe-inspiring variety and damaging ourselves in the process. This edition's big story amplifies some of the concerns of those who live closest to nature, while attempting to get to grips with the complex challenges involved if we want to stop biodiversity's catastrophic decline. In the words of author Lucy Jones, we can no longer view nature as 'a luxury, an extra, a garnish.'


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Included in this issue

Nour Sokhon by Myriam Boulos

Spotlight: Tse Tse Fly Middle East

Louise Gray turns her attention to the anti-slavery musical activism of Tse Tse Fly Middle East.
ILYA sets ‘Apolitical Intellectuals’ to a modern tune, as he remembers the life of the Guatemalan revolutionary poet. 

Cartoon history: Otto René Castillo

ILYA sets ‘Apolitical Intellectuals’ to a modern tune, as he remembers the life of the Guatemalan revolutionary poet. 
Wafa Ali Mustafa holds up a picture of her father during a demonstration on the  International Day of the Disappeared, at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. Credit: Ahmad Kalaji

The search for Syria’s missing

The families of the disappeared are not giving up their search until they have answers. Jan-Peter Westad reports.

What if…we got real about sustainability?

It might reverse the UN’s order of holiness, Vanessa Baird finds.
Socorro Aguilar de-spines a cactus pad in Real de Catorce, Mexico. She likes to cook it up with onions, tomato and chillies or drink it in smoothies.

Back to the wild

Natalia Torres Garzon on the return to wild food sources in Mexico.
Uganda: ‘Let them own their country’

‘Let them own their country’

Liam Taylor on the popstar politician taking on a ‘horrifying’ election battle in Uganda.

Hall of infamy: Carrie Lam

Big Momma Carrie Lam is on a mission in Hong Kong.
Illustration by Sarah John

Letter from Manila

Iris Gonzales on a most unusual homecoming. 
Amazon for the Amazon? Founder Jeff Bezos at his firm's HQ in Seattle. TED S WARREN/AP

Can Amazon really deliver a low-carbon future?

Danny Chivers reveals the deep flaws of ‘net-zero’ targets.

Another war over

Jan-Peter Westad on the uncertain future of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.
Following the police killing of George Floyd, 300 people gather outside the Minnesota capitol building to demand reparations from the United States government for years of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, redlining,  ​and violence against black people from police in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 19, 2020. Credit: Fibonacci Blue

Reparations – an idea whose time has come?

Does a racially just future need to include reparations for transatlantic slavery or is that a distraction from achieving...

Introducing...Luis Arce Catacora

After months of unconstitutional rule since Jeanine Áñez’s military-backed coup, Richard Swift gives a rundown of the low-...

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