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November 2009

In the wake of 11 September 2001 and the ensuing Western ‘war on terror’, extraordinary measures have been brought into play in the four corners of the world, in the name of fighting terrorism.

These have resulted in widespread human rights violations and the curtailment of civil liberties. But have they made us any safer?

Once democracies begin to accept torture and the various perversions of the judicial process, do they have any moral authority left to confront the despots who are using counterterrorism as an excuse for cleaning up their enemies?


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Included in this issue

Losing the edge

Perceptions of efficiency – and cleanliness – can differ, *Maria Golia* discovers.

Murder without Borders

Vancouver-based journalist Terry Gould tells the stories of six journalists who paid with their lives for refusing to surrender...

Rainy Season

Vanishing of the Bees

An eye opening account of the truth behind the declining bee population

Goodbye Solo

Different in every way: *Ramin Bahrani*'s brilliant Goodbye Solo.
Water shortage: the real thing

Water shortage: the real thing

Coca-Cola's water use in drought ravaged Kala Dera

Sweeping the streets

Poor South Africans fall foul of soccer tournament preparations
Miracle or mirage?

Miracle or mirage?

Solar-powered development has huge potential if problems can be overcome
Balibo Five case reopened

Balibo Five case reopened

Thirty-four years on, the notorious case of the ‘Balibo Five’ is to be reopened.

World of counterterror

A snapshot of the continuing spread of counterterrorist measures – real and unreal.

Action on Counterterrorism

A poem by *Hubert Moore* + *ACTION* directory.

Bloody oil

Canadian First Nations internationalize their struggle against the most destructive project on earth

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