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April 2009

With the global economic system in meltdown, the once booming chorus of ‘Let the Market Decide’ is pretty unconvincing these days. Welcome, the Age of Possibility.


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Included in this issue

Tony Manero

The late 1970s. A kitsch television show is looking for a Tony Manero impersonator. Tony who? Horribly, wonderfully real, and...

Making room

Even when the odds are stacked against them, *Maria Golia* observes her neighbour’s family taking life as it comes.

Bulldozed lives

World Bank project leaves families homeless
Badge of dishonour

Badge of dishonour

Scouts log tens of thousands of acres of forestland

Viyakula Mary

*Viyakula Mary* talks to *Ewa Jasiewicz*.

Modern Life

Respectful, real and engrossing: Modern Life in rural France.

Très Très Fort

Congo’s amazing disabled rhythm-maestros Staff Benda Bilili

Male cleansers for hire

How sex with widows helps dead men

Big Bad World 421 - Climate Change

Polyp tackles climate change

Africa to Appalachia

Sissoko’s warm-toned vocals and fluid kora work, counterpointed by Stone’s banjo-picking make for a wonderfully expansive sound...

Hosni Mubarak

Egypt’s *President Mubarak* may have survived six assassination attempts but does not escape the *NI* treatment.

Abdul Rahman Roslan

A haunting and sensitive glimpse into a Malaysian orphanage by photographer *Abdul Rahman Roslan*.

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