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Nando Sigona

Nando Sigona is Reader in International Migration and Forced Displacement at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is co-author (with Crawley, Duvell, Jones and McMahon) of Unravelling Europe’s ‘migration crisis’ (Policy Press, 2017) and (with Bloch and Zetter, Pluto, 2014) Sans Papiers. The social and economic lives of undocumented migrants.

Nando Sigona is known as @nandosigona on Twitter

Illustrations: Pete Reynolds

The age of development: an obituary

‘Development’ has long been reframed and hijacked, but, Wolfgang Sachs argues, we need to move beyond its misguided assumptions into a new post-development era based on eco-solidarity.

Latest issue: March-April 2020

How we make poverty

Articles by Nando Sigona

Can we still talk of a ‘migration crisis’ in the EU? Nando Sigona asks.

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