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Aisha Dodwell

Aisha Dodwell is a political activist and campaigner for social justice. She is Campaigns and Policy Officer at Global Justice Now.

Dejected Labour party members after a disasterous UK General Election

So where on Earth do we go from here?

Chris Brazier tries to see beyond the wreckage of the UK’s 2019 election.

Latest issue: October 2019

China in charge

Articles by Aisha Dodwell

Immigrant rights march in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006. Jonathan McIntosh
Aisha Dodwell debunks the major myths preventing us from extending free movement to everyone.
The world has focused on Trump’s wall and Muslim-ban, and Britain and the EU have managed to pursue their own equally draconian...
A new bill approved by Parliament will assigns aid money to a corporation with a questionable track record, writes Aisha Dodwell.
Global Justice Now has launched a petition to convince the UK government to protect human rights from corporate power, Aisha...
Aisha Dodwell explains how the UK’s growing aid budget has become a lucrative business.
Aisha Dodwell argues that such schemes only line transnationals’ pockets.
Aisha Dodwell urges everyone to help bring about real democratic change. 

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